Edinburgh Every Saturday

Cockburn Street Pexabay

Back in the wonderful 90s I was a teenager experimenting with styles in fashion and music. I loved anything from EMF to The Rolling Stones and everything in between. My fashion was never consistent, “inconsistency is key!” being my mantra. I often looked like a flop from Topshop or a tragic accident in a charity shop. But that was me and I was enjoying discovery!

My income at the time was from working part-time as a postwoman, I loved it and felt physically and mentally fit despite undercurrents of confused psychology. Each week I gave my parents their bit and eagerly looked forward to hitting Edinburgh on the Saturday. Mostly by myself so I was free to flutter around as many shops as I could.

My favourite areas were Cockburn Street (above) and the curve of Victoria Street leading down to The Grassmarket. Upon these streets and several areas around them lay my favourite shops. One-of-a-kind places selling all sorts of curiosities I couldn’t really afford. The funniest being The Mutt’s Nuts (below), a great souvenir and gift shop in the Grassmarket area. Many cool independent shops are found in this old area spied upon by Edinburgh Castle.

Cockburn Street was my fashion haven, particularly Fopp records and a shop called Pie In The Sky which is here to this day although different stock. Back then I wore Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling Stones and various film t-shirts with short floral or fringed skirts and either Dr Martens, Fila Trailblazers or Timberlands. I wore chokers and the most unusual earrings I could find, mostly from a store up near the Greyfriars Bobby statue called Joe Cool. My DM’s had tie-dyed laces and I made a point of never wearing black tights and socks. Sooooo BLAGH!!

On North Bridge was a store I kept secret from my friends. A vintage American store called Flip which sold distressed Levis in the most fabulous colours. Both full length and cutoffs, I bought a few. Foxy white 501s shorts and green worn out ones with ripped knees. They looked epic with my Magic Roundabout tee. Man, I felt great but probably didn’t look it.

Such was the trial of having style without style. Or as Bruce Lee would say, “The art of fashion without fashion”. But that was me back then and it led me to where I am today – still with a wardrobe of glorious indecisive style. And I love it. I just dress in whatever, whenever bought from wherever… On a Saturday.

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