About Me

My name is Sharon Lawson

After a long period of psychotherapy, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder/emotionally unstable personality disorder. I started this blog on a therapeutic level to express my inner thoughts. Both pleasant and unpleasant experiences in life are shared to alleviate built up feelings and illustrate to people that they are not alone with their concerns and experiences.

Back in 1996 had an arterio-venous malformation rupture which resulted in an intracerebral haemorrhage. I underwent full rehabilitation at the Edinburgh Western General hospital’s neurosciences department over the following months and then progressed to the Astley Ainslie rehabilitation hospital in Edinburgh. It was miraculous that I regained enough movement down my initial hemiplegic left side to be able to walk slowly with a walking stick.

I would like to thank my husband, family and friends for their ongoing encouragement, love and eternal support.

What I Do

I am unfortunately retired on medical grounds so immerse myself in various interests from films, walks, videogames and more to keep distracted from my noisy mind.

I used to be a member of the administration team on the uncensored media site Documenting Reality and very much enjoyed carrying out website administration, content addition and technical support. A very productive decade and now I’m back to being a regular member.

Past Employment Experience

Laboratory Assistant and Trainee Mortician at The Royal Brompton Hospital

(1999 – 2001)
Assisted with the pathologists and MLSOs in the histopathology department. Ran the everyday functions of the mortuary, performed autopsies with the pathologist, liased with undertakers and laid bodies out for family viewing. I have been doubted about this role however I possess documentation from Human Resources to qualm such disbelief 😅

Dental Nurse at New King’s Road Dental Practice

(1997 – 1999)
A dental nurse in training for a brief period which was fascinating, especially assisting the oral surgeon on a Thursday evening! Was studying to qualify but wasn’t my life goal as I wanted to work in end of life services.

Postwoman for Royal Mail Scotland

(1994 – 1996)
My first job straight from leaving high school. Great fun, good banter in the office and brilliant exercise. Loved it at Christmas making children excited giving them cards and parcels.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    We’re wondering if you’ve ever considered taking the content from sharonunfiltered.com and converting it into videos to promote on Youtube? You simply add the text and it converts it into scenes that make up a full video. No special skills are needed, and there’s access to over 1 million images/clips that can be used.

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    Kind Regards,


  2. Just found your blog. I just recently was diagnosed with BPD, and your openness about it is inspiring me to not hide it, thank you. Especially coming from someone who I can relate to, from your posts, your “shocking” posts to me are just not boring and are beautiful. I hope you keep this blog up, thank you for having it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Lee, your words really mean a lot and encourage me to keep on going. Keeping up belief in yourself can be very challenging especially if you’ve had an unpleasant experience. I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around to share! Take care, Sharon 💜


  3. “Saying things to shock” was the filter I used as an excuse for being authentic in conversation. Liberals insist we be nuanced in our speech to ensure no offence is taken by the listener. For example, following a presentation given by a speaker my host asked what I thought of it. Taking the nuanced route I replied “It’s an acquired taste.” My initial instinct was to respond with something along the lines of “My thoughts were elsewhere” or “I lost interest after his introduction.”
    Glad you found your niche. As the Greek bus conductress once mused “Oh, ta very much.”

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    1. Thanks for your comment dad! We’re both of the “no filters” personality and a few people have expressed that they like it so it helps to encourage you to just be yourself ❤


  4. Love you my strong, courageous, no-filtered friend ❤️. The blog is coming along beautifully and I shall continue to look forward to reading that mind of yours.


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  5. I too was medically retired too young lol, due to a rare disorder called Transverse Myelitis, also leading to multiple afflictions and the end of my amazing mental health nursing career. Nice to meet you and looking forward to reading more of your blog. Caz 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Aw I know Caz, me too even though I was at the tragic side of the NHS it’s still help with the crisis. Makes you feel powerless!! I’d go back in a second if I could and I imagine you would too my friend. Keep yourself safe, Sharon xx

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