The Devil Within

Eskimo Callboy & Tobias Rauscher

Isn’t music a powerful beast? You listen to a vast array of tracks and find yourself relating to the lyrics or overall meaning. Uncountable moments in music have caused my ears to prick up while my mind suddenly registers. The same will no doubts apply to you.

This acoustic collaboration is beautifully sung by one of my favourite bands’ original singer Sushi (Sebastian Beisler) who now is working on his own project as GHØSTKID. I love the rawness of his voice when he sings clean vocals and the real emotion when performing harsh vocals.

Below are the lyrics (minus additional choruses and the refrain). You see how I relate to those words? I don’t need to explain why given what’s already featured on this blog regarding having borderline personality disorder and chronic health problems.

Is there anything that you relate to here?

The Devil Within by Electric Callboy

I pack up my bags to leave this place
Pick up the pieces and take them with me
Haunted by ghosts across the streets
Lost on the highway, my heart’s beating quietly

Feels like I’m lost in space
The past became my casket nails
Can I fix it by another way
(The scars will shape you from the inside)

I am turning around
What’s inside of you, inside of me
(I’m-I’m running away)
I am turning around
What’s inside of you, inside of me
(I’m-I’m running away)

I’ve lost all I’ve got
My self anyway
But still miss the smell from the smoke of your ashtray
Give me a sign to show me the way
I promise to change and I’ll just take the blame for you

I don’t know why you’re running away
The scars will shape you from the inside
I don’t know why you’re feeling dismay
The scars will shame you from the outside

Once again you turned your back on me
I’ll never be the one that you want me to be
I become the devil within
I control everything and just turn the inside out
I know you feel what I feel
Every part of you becomes a part of me
I will change the way that I am
I wanna feel my own self again
Break these chains, so can you hear, me
Sometimes beginnings start with an end

© Electric Callboy/Tobias Rauscher

Copyright © 2022 Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

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