Music Lyrics And Mental Health

Music musings and mental health plus how we write our own songs too.

Brian Jones: Unforgettable Stone

My obsession explored and a poem by Jim Morrison of The Doors

I Hear You

Inspired by listening to a live performance from author Richard Charles Stevens and friends

Music Is My Drug And I Use It To Get High

Encouragement and light to get any lover of music through the day

Wanna Start A Fight

I wrote a song about my inner conflict showing the extent of physical and mental health frustration.

I’ll Be Your Computer

A poem inspired by Electric Appliances by Mr Velcro Fastner (Plump DJs Vocal Remix/Air)

Love Hate Love by Alice In Chains: Very Relatable!

Isn't music so relatable?

Don’t Serve The Servants Anymore!

Serve The Servants by Nirvana has a strong social message to share