Christmas Retail Therapy


The Christmas shopping is already in full swing and this is a time of year I love so much. Online or not, the magic is as present today as it was when I first began buying for school friends. Goodness, when was that? When I was in my mid teens in the early 1990s I should imagine. Mind you, I was cheeky in the fact I’d scour my bedroom for things I could wrap up for people without spending a penny! My paper round money was always spent on cool t-shirts and trainers. One lucky friend got a Terry’s Chocolate Orange that had melted then solidified into a chocolate cricket ball. From those days until the present, the thrill of festive giving has always been enough to rupture an undiagnosed aneurysm.

It’s strange this time around. For the vast majority of people across the uncertain globe who celebrate Christmas. Do you wait until the shops re-open and risk chaos or kill the magical fairy lit streets in favour of the white glare of your VDU screens? Mind you, there’s always your own home’s festive lighting and the bonus of as many hot drinks as you need with guaranteed seating. Add one of those Best Christmas Albums In The World Ever! CDs that you bought upon impulse back in Tower Records and you’re good to go. The scales tip in favour of what, in my heart, I prefer less.

I miss ambling around one of my favourite stores, TK Maxx, rooting out great finds for a steal of a price. Whilst I’m at it, I’d grab yet another pair of final price early 2000s jeans. I can’t wait until the stores re-open because one thing I don’t like is being rushed. I like to take my time and savour the enjoyment as do most other people I imagine. My green eyes widened with childlike delight as I stumbled upon gifts carefully tailored to match my loved ones’ tastes. Dad’s gold cow stands pride of place on his windowsill. She was something he certainly was not expecting and loved her so much more than that book he suggested. Every dad needs a gold bovine from the weird part of TK Maxx!

This year from me to many it’s foul mouthed Blue Q socks that Dexter Morgan’s sister would approve of 🙃

A favourite song from my annual festive film, due a watch soon!

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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