Who Do You Voodoo?

Dead Island is an action role-playing survival horror video game series published by Deep Silver

No, no, no I don’t mean what element do you torture by sticking pins into a model of it. Tried it as a kid, didn’t work. Mum got annoyed I’d buckled all the sewing box supplies. Did you ever dare each other to stick pins through a single layer of skin on your fingertips?


Ever since the Sega Master System 2 surfaced back in 1990, I’ve been hooked on the therapeutic effects of the world of video games. Yes, they really are my sanctuary no matter what the genre or console. I was even permitted the use of my Sega Mega Drive during my brain haemorrhage rehabilitation at the Astley Ainslie hospital in Edinburgh. Playing Rolo To The Rescue and Cool Spot certainly helped with my hand to eye coordination and image recognition. Thank you so much staff, that meant a lot.

Lately I’ve been revising the gory fun of the Dead Island survival horror saga. Nothing overly complicated, there are many missions of varying degrees of difficulty to aid fellow survivors escape from a living Hell. Utilising everything you find from anywhere possible to create killer weaponry used to arm you as you go. My favourites are the hit and run pickup trucks and the chainsaw massacre of the speedboats. Not forgetting that legendary opening title track from the first game (with lyrics below).

A fantastic number to unleash those moments when your mood suddenly dips without warning. My personal favourite outlet is to let rip with aggressive musical numbers. Nothing aimed at anyone therefore no harm done. Visualisation techniques and adult colouring books sometimes just don’t cut it!

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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