Physio Inspired By Gregory’s Girl

Gregory’s Girl (1980) Trailer below blog.

I’ve nothing to say, nothing to exclaim. My thoughts shrivelled up and my brain’s fully drained. What can I write about, any poetic musings? Just a sip of coffee is all I can muster.

One of our many “best in the world” Ultimate Chill Out albums is playing softly as I’m lay here with one leg bent at the knee and my left one bent, resting on top. My motionless left foot is yearning to pirouette so the my normal one supports it as it slowly moves in slow motion. I smile noticing how it only manages to go up and down and out to the left.

Up and down
And out to the left
Hold it, hold it

I’ve just come up with a little rhyme to give my left foot inspiration and neurologically reconnect but after all this time of trying I need to accept defeat. But I don’t encourage defeat. Defeat, in this sense, means to give up or be discouraged by. I accept de feet however. I know, that was terrible!

Hang on! I’m thinking out loud onto my Kindle’s Notes app because I’m tired, bored and realised I have written a little something.

I’ve described how I’m lay relaxing to music using my right foot to move my left foot in a way it hasn’t since 1996. And I’ve come up with a little rhyme above without realising it at the time.

Remember that scene in the 1980 film Gregory’s Girl with Dee Hepburn and Jake D’Arcy in the gymnasium changing room clicking their fingers as they chant a football move? That will be me for the remainder of the day:

Up and down
And out to the left
Hold it, hold it
Now invert

A Scottish gem of a film

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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