For You

I had a dream about you
I crossed the frozen ocean
Then swam to thawed out shores
Swaying palm trees showed the way
So I walked and I walked
Until a flickering window beckoned
There you were enjoying your passion

I had a dream about you
Your hair was long and black
Lips lush red yet silent
Your tattoos did all the talking
I could do nothing but listen
I wanted to reply but
The inked heart on my toe was mute

I had a dream about you
Our faces exchanged caution
Then erupted into awkwardness
Beaming smiles soon possessed us
Our eyes crinkled with delight
Curse such sorrowful parting and
My tattooed heart whispers I love you

But people are people and sometimes it doesn’t work out, nothing we say is gonna save us from the fall out

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

7 thoughts on “For You

  1. This pleases my soul to read, Mouse. It also shows just how far you have come in the past year. Love is not something true souls like ourselves can simply turn off. There is one word which springs to mind when reading this and that is – Grace. Something you have in abundance.

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    1. Thank you Lion, I’m humbled by your words. I’ve realised harbouring negative thoughts destroys you like rust on a Lada 😅 I may still suffer physical effects but I’m trying so hard to express myself mentally truly, sincere, crystalline 🥰 Yes, love is a strong feeling we don’t lose overnight. No matter what the situation, we can and do still love and care for people.

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      1. We do indeed Mouse. I shall share a piece soon called Don’t Sweat It, which was written after receiving an apology from someone who wronged me. Like For You, it comes from a place of love and is similarly a milestone of just how far I have come in finding true inner peace. The above poem shows that you are well upon your way. Know that there is always a Lion paw in yours, every step of the way. 🥰

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        1. Dad had two Ladas, a canary yellow one wi6mock soft top roof and big round headlights – a square VW Beetle 🤣 Loved it really, I’ve got a photo of me in primary school uniform stood beside it. We then had a white Lada Riva. Skodas are stunning now!!

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