Touch Lamps And Chronic Illness

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I have a brass and glass little badass four-setting touch lamp beside my bed which often flickers as though trying to tell me something. Maybe warn me of paranormal activity, exciting! Or simply a boring electrical surge.

It got me thinking in amusement.

A light also seems to flicker in my over-thinking borderline mind. Causing my “episodes” (why do I loathe that word?) of epileptic auras. Non-epileptic auras. Double vision, erratic widespread pins and needles and deafening tinnitus. Amongst my list of long-term conditions triggered by a brain bleed in 1996. This must be how touch lamps feel having their quartet settings being messed about with. How pissed off must these cheap household lighting fittings be!

Are their good days when they’re on full beam or off? I imagine the latter. Off and symptom free, calm and no risk of flickering. Fuckering flickering they must mutter to themselves. For FND, epilepsy, twitches, nervous tics, arrhythmias, various headaches, mental health problems and so on. An infinite cascade of chaos that people sadly endure. Chronic and weird health problems, no matter what form, affect us like my lamp’s unpredictable surges. Long-term disorders and syndromes flickering and fuckering with our bewildered minds.

Fortunately for my touch lamp it’s happily switched off.

Although targeted at endometriosis this is written for everyone suffering with chronic illnesses

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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