An Amazing Day

At the Teviot river, Hawick

Today was a most remarkable day.

I’m visiting my dad up the Scottish borders for a few days leaving my darling husband with our lovely guinea pigs and a heatwave.

I’m currently lay on a cosy sofa bed looking at a window blind covered in majestic stag heads pondering the day I’ve just enjoyed. A day in which my childlike, still daring self emerged and managed to do miniature versions of activities loved as an overtly keen teen.

City living has it’s enormous wealth of pros but it has some serious cons too! Cons personal to me having been born and raised in Scotland for most of my childhood and teenage years then relocated by circumstances to London. I dearly missed the beautiful (honestly!) stench of cow manure, exploring the landscape and pulling manky bits of sheep fleece off of barbed wire fencing as they snagged themselves trying to reach the grass which wasn’t always greener on the other side. And finding animal skulls gifted to nature from death was something many of us did for our own nature tables. A lot I miss so much I can’t possibly put it all into words.

We piled into the car after a filling breakfast and headed towards a miniature fresh water loch that was abundant in rainbow and green trout. It was so small with scattered benches tired and worn out by the changeable weather. I managed to walk around it at a slow pace with a few rests and hunt for frogs as we went. We passed a swan family teaching the cygnets how to feed and a farmer in a tractor using a trailer to loosen up the compacted earth.

And I managed!

We then went to the Teviot river here in Hawick where I took some photos that never came out save for the one above. As written about in When I’m Happy and For Emma, My Best Friend, we used to go “river bashing”. Basically exploring a river without the use of a boat. This wet adventure was a frequent occurrence and as I looked at the Teviot, I wondered if I’d managed to simply stand in the shallows of the riverbed. My Gore Tex Merrell boots would definitely hold up. I was assisted down the small slope by dad and as I stood feeling adventurous again, I felt so happy!! The sounds, smells and sight of the sunlit stretch of water were unchanged. I just had to have a photo taken for memories sake and to share with people so I could show them my love. Especially Emma who was emotional with joy later this evening. I did the pose above without my stick and each time I look at it I see that hyperactive child again.

Every time you venture out and see an opportunity, try your best capture it. You can’t put a price on those special moments and reliving of precious memories.

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

3 thoughts on “An Amazing Day

    1. It’s amazing and today we went to St Mary’s Loch, so beautiful and we drank water straight from a mountain stream. We got some great photos and video. The outdoors really makes me happy and my woes fade away in the moments 💖🥰

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