Moo You

Photography by Sharon Lawson

After stopping by a field yesterday near Hawick with my dad, we each took a couple of photos of a group of young bullocks out beefing up. Both of us have a fondness for these genteel beasts.

That night I lay and recalled their ever flickering tails for you see, they have a problem with gnats buzzing around them. Gnats can even cause cattle to die from anaphylactic shock from respiratory irritation and/or blood loss from never ending bites.

Her eyelashes flutter
Can’t quite shake it off
Snorting nostrils flare
But it’s just a nasal drip
She feels a strange irritation
Can’t quite work it out
Spreading her hind quarters
Urine splashing her udder
Raises her tail in odd salut
Then bakes a steaming cowpat
After chewing the cud
Her eyes open wide
A gnat provokes her back end
She flicks it away with her tail
Mooing soft bovine relief
The gnat covered in dung
Tumbles to the ground
Crushed beneath hoof
Irritation no more

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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