A Quote From Meteoric Rhetoric by Richard Charles Stevens

A dose of inspiration to all who are struggling

I Hear You

Inspired by listening to a live performance from author Richard Charles Stevens and friends

Music Is My Drug And I Use It To Get High

Encouragement and light to get any lover of music through the day

Personal Best by Richard Charles Stevens

Broken, Yes, But not beyond repair ~ A Poem By Richard Charles Stevens


A poem about Borderline Personality Disorder by friend and author Richard Charles Stevens

Calling Tomorrow’s by Richard Charles Stevens

Profound as the grounds upon which we exist When the trick is sincerely to live

Ravens Cry by Richard Charles Stevens

Back when I was a child I happened across a bird beneath a graveyard's red cedar tree.

The Butcher and The Mortician

A comically grim poem about two friends who were a butcher and a mortician: myself, Sharon Lawson, and artist LH Grey