Shut Up And Rebel Dear Puppet

I feel like a puppet fighting with my strings that are pulling me towards... Towards crime? Harm? Aggression?? But you can cut those strings!

Being Labelled Saved Me

Do not allow the "label" concept to render you a stigma. You are still you.

Adaption Is Different Than Deception

Everybody responds differently socially. It's adaption not deception.

Almost made it… Didn’t

I am running away again But the problem is me Where do I run? Where is far enough?

I’m So Up And Down And I Love What’s Not Allowed

That moment you just burst into song from thankful self-acceptance.

Chaotic Big Dipper

It often feels like I'm on a big dipper at a funfair that's not much fun. Wrestling with fluctuating feelings that are up and down then seriously super-loop