Chronic Pain: Activate Beast Mode!

I have fibromyalgia and a lot of fallout damage from my brain haemorrhage which collectively adds up to a daily battle with pain. A ruthless affliction affecting me from head to fused left toes. It is a hyperactive beast all day and has insomnia at night, waking me up frequently in a state of bewilderment.

Chronic pain alongside chronic neuropathic discomfort are akin to two ingredients for a bomb. A bomb that has unfortunately gone off a few times.

How I cope? I have to learn to treat it as a living entity, an emotion rather than a feeling. A very difficult mindset to achieve that has taken me years to perfect. I swear at it rather than myself. I’ll play aggressive music to express my inner feelings.

I’m working on activation beast mode every day as reinforced in one of my favourite Electric Callboy songs ‘Pump It’ (below in YouTube link).

You taunt me
You tease me
You try me
Won’t beat me
You are there
Every time
So predictable

You are insistent
You are stubborn
You are ruthless
Borderline abusive
Blackmailing my mind
Coercion is a crime
I won’t give in

I may be infirm
I’ll stand firm

Pain tho a feeling
No-one wants you
No-one needs you
No-one loves you
(I make slight exception)
I’ll swallow drink smoke and think
Until you are no more

Activation beast mode!

Wake up beast mode every day!

Copyright © Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

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