Reality Bites

Reality. Why do people fear you so? Cause ostriches to bury their heads in the sand and refuse to open grit filled eyes. Rabbits dart into their burrows and fold their floppy ears refusing to hear. Spiders scrunch up in the centre of their webs. Waiting, waiting, waiting. What for?

The internet. Another web of sorts. Encompassing the world with around two billion websites. Covering everything imaginable from abdominous to zigzaggedness. Yet within this glorious global web of information lie those sites and YouTube videos that are not to be seen. Things not to speak about. The unmentionables. The daring URLs not permitted to be opened on public Wifi connections. “Uniform Resource Locator” sounds like a fantastic name for a Rave band but that’s beside the point. Back to reality, as Eminem stated in his Lose Yourself masterpiece.

URLs of websites that dare show the truth behind the stories, theories, protests, gangsters, cartels, cruelties, news, views, deaths and the definition of evil. Why do fans of Netflix and Amazon Prime documentaries love to watch stories about serial killers, gangsters, murder and mayhem yet should you offer them a glimpse of the actual uncensored crime scenes they squawk, “No that’s sick!” and make you feel like someone with a psychiatric disturbance for “looking at that sort of thing”. Sick? Sort of thing? Well you certainly enjoyed the graphic retelling of the incidents.

For years, examining deceased animals in a vast countryside playground was the norm. Marvelling at the curves of a ram’s skull, the precisely located foramens for the vascular system and pondering his cause of death. Maybe starvation from Scabby Mouth but natural causes most likely.

Holding aloft a pheasant mutilated by a speeding tractor. Have you ever opened out a bird’s wings like a fan and took in their gorgeous colours?

The biggest hoo-ha is from knowing observations have been made on the process of death in a human subject. Not possible? It is if you know where to look. From shotgun obliteration resulting in those desperate agonal breaths to massacres and murder most savage. Literal skinheads and live evisceration prove that human beings have an extraordinary capacity to survive. Until the pulmonary artery is severed and right ventricular flop deems them a failure.

Death and darkness, morbidity and macabre, humour most savage yet there’s a twinkle in the eyes. Are undertakers, butchers, slaughterhouse staff, the military and that part of the medical sector messed-up and deemed worthy of drowning in the nearest canal? No you rightly say. Yet some of these people are excluded and shunned into the Forbidden Zone. That foreboding area that “nobody” explores as society has deemed it disturbing. Is it though? Try for a long hot minute to understand that not everyone is the same. It does not mean they are insane, potential criminals, weird or worthy of hypocrisy and such tiresome judgement.

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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