Shotgun Mouth Strikes Again

You mouthed off again, buttercup, you engage rage first then it’s hand-to-mouth in “oh-oh!” Thoughts then rationalise and it’s cringing need to apologise. A note left beneath here or there to to try to show you truly care.

But bullet words leave wounds. From a clipped arm to a head like a macabre rose. Brain wasted so much that the following day feels like tentative steps through a haunted house. What do you do? What do you say? Avoidance drags things out no doubts fuelling paranoia. And the rest.

Soon it becomes should you stay or should you go? A myriad of runways to run and take off from. Causing more reinforcement of pre-existing self negativity as the cycle of vicious psychology goes on. And has gone on and on repeatedly for years.

Now the reconciliation and explanation. It’s typical, usual, mortifying and agonising. Sitting at the bottom of the garden with notepad full of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy exercises. Birds twittering and you’re convinced they’re tweeting at you, giving you hell. But wait.

There’s more than one solitary person in a relationship. Reflect upon the lead up. The subject of BPD/EUPD fury may have deserved a ticking off.

Yet after most scuffles I release an onslaught of self abuse. I am in the wrong all the time. But am I?

A confusing question.

The perfect song!

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

15 thoughts on “Shotgun Mouth Strikes Again

  1. sounds like me but on that same said walk i did literally pocket one hundred dollars. someone left a hundred dollar bill laying on the sidewalk. now thats both a pisser and being royally pissed. are you surprised a speak some brit? are ye a tam or are ye a jacobite?

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