Frankenstein Mouse

Taxidermy by Vic and Lil Gallagher. Click image for link.

Snap traps break backs

And furry little necks

Glue traps render them powerless

Unless they skin themselves alive

Mice removal! Immediate response!

Call now to dispose of

Neutralise, snuff, exterminate

Pick your poison mouse

Vacor, strychnine or arsenic?

It won’t hurt but you’ll bleed to death

Internally,  mustn’t scare the children

Or harm arrogant cats

Drowning in buckets

Electrocuted like criminals

There’s many ways to wipe out, execute and murder you

Slay, massacre and slaughter

Assassinate, neutralize, asphyxiate

Liquidate, lynch, annihilate

Obliterate, immolate, eradicate

Mouse, you don’t deserve to be put to death

I’m going to do the right thing

I’ll collect mouse body parts

From wicked deceptions

Frankenstein did it, so can I

Tiny head, torso and feet

Now you need a tail

Collected like macabre trophies

Mouse jigsaw complete!

A stitch in time saves nine

Ironic glue, sorry about that

Mouse Monster reconstructed

Now I’ll shock you back to life

Oh… using an electric mouse trap

See poor mouse, you cannot win

Dead or alive, you’re just


© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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