Defending Evan Peters On TikTok Got Me A Warning

Source: New York Post

Actor Evan Peters starred in the excellent series Dahmer on Netflix which was released in 2022 and directed by American Horror Show writer Ryan Murphy (I’m a huge fan of AHS). It was a very intense role that required a lot of research and method acting. Evan Peters went to great mental and physical lengths for the demanding role.

His Golden Globe was very much deserved and I was really proud of him as I’m a huge fan of his work.

I noticed a lot of online whinging about Evan and his role as Jeffrey. Blaming him for people both finding Evan attractive as Jeffrey and Jeffrey himself attractive. It’s ludicrous and unfair on Evan.

I was obsessed with Malcolm McDowell in my teens and twenties and bought all his films on VHS in Edinburgh when Virgin Records had great stores. From If… where he played an anti-establishment pupil who carried out a school shooting to A Clockwork Orange as psychopathic Alex and Caligula, the controversial Roman emperor.

Plus many more.

Malcolm McDowell and Christine Noonan in If…

These films, like Dahmer, featured an attractive lead role, so finding Peters and McDowell good-looking as you watch them and then relaying so is nothing out of the normal. Even if McDowell played Dahmer, I’d still find him attractive. They’re actors. And as you can see below, they are very similar.

People finding Evan attractive in his work is not a crime. Nor is finding photos and footage of Jeffrey attractive a crime. I remember getting flack for saying how Ted Bundy was “handsome, intelligent and could have been anything he wanted.” It’s like stating how a portrait or photo of a person is attractive. It’s an observational statement and seems many people just can’t understand that.

I created a video post on TikTok basically suggesting that people should lay off criticising Evan and I received the most ridiculous and disturbing infraction under “Violent extremism” and how they could involve the authorities. Go for it. Waste police time on an anti-bullying appeal.

I was so irate and furious that I submitted a heavy complaint and deleted my account. Gladly, in retrospect, it’s a toxic platform and should be banned. I have never had this problem in all my time on Facebook and Instagram.

It seems select people and controversial issues can’t be rationally and calmly discussed as mature adults anymore. Political and social agendas have erased people of common sense and warped their thinking.

Be the one who dares.

“Rate us, hate us, fake us, we’ll always be the same”

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