Don’t Serve The Servants Anymore!

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I was listening to one of my all time favourite bands on Spotify last night, Nirvana. I was so honoured to be a 90s teen when I reflect on the great styles of music coming out and the iconic fashion styles.

A track called Serve The Servants from Nirvana’s last 1993 album, In Utero, began to play and as with all their songs, I sing along while no-one is listening. I hope!

This particular line stood out:

Self appointment judges judge
More than they have sold

One analysis about the song made my ears prick up: “It’s about the press and how they are “serving the servants” and so is he (Cobain) by talking to them. They’re self-appointed judges… they go on witchhunts and don’t care about the consequences so long as they get paid. Think about the stupid things he thinks they wanna hear. He doesn’t hate them anymore because he’s already thought about anything they could possibly ask so what difference does it make anymore. He considers himself wiser than they are”.

One thing I cannot abide is judgement based on third hand information or by those who take it upon themselves to feel they have the authority to deem what’s best for you. Take the plank out of your own eye before removing the splinter in mine. A Biblical statement that is very true. People indulge in little witch hunts to gather the masses ready to hear their opinions on you and revel in the subsequent praise. The agreement. It’s self-validation of the wrong kind.

The final part of the above analysis is so true. Everything possible has been said about you so knowing their arsenal of ammo against you is low, it gives you a sense of quiet power. Whatever else that will be uttered will cause you to think everyone already knows, what else do you have?

Be strong and focus on your own truths. When the self-appointed judges judge you again just rap their knuckles with their gavel.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Serve The Servants Anymore!

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