From Trains To Bloody Veins

Hobbies and interests

Sports and pursuits

Paperbacks and hardbacks

Glaring screens of Apple Macs

Walks around eerie lochs

Addicted to running, a lover of hunting

Graphic novels, graphic violence

Blood and guts

Muddied sluts

Whatever your into

Be it bland or taboo

Allow no-one to judge you

Be no-one but you

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

3 thoughts on “From Trains To Bloody Veins

  1. This is a wonderful short poem, Mouse. It resonates with me strongly, particularly the closing two lines as judgement is a topic both of us know only too well. The moment we humans form a judgement, we all lose. Tis simply not our place. And having such cast upon us is one of the greatest pains of all. However, we endure. And verses like this offer hope to all those who have felt the dash of decree. Bravo.

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    1. Thank you so much Lion, it’s funny how words suddenly just have to be written down and shared without planning! Because of that terrible topic of judgement many people have felt vilified, outcast, inadequate yet those who cast the first stone and bruise us fail to recognise their own shortcomings. Definitely a sore subject that saddens me to both witness and feel.

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