I Help With Your Pain By Words

A dear friend sent me a beautiful poem and like him, I too use films and music as a release and aid to set myself free. This particular piece was in response to a recent traumatic loss of mine and it left me lost for words.

“I can’t write real poetry like you do. I have a thing to pass on to you… I find stupid movies help me to be me… I remember you and my stubbornness is where it should belong. I awaken from the horror and find a friend far away

Sleep well and know I’m you as you are me
Stay true to yourself to know the fun in you I see
Stick with everything you do and do it a bit more
A shetland guy is here, caring, that I hope you endure

He is always here. Never going away
I help with your pain by words that I say
Always here. Never lost, never gone or ignoring
Sharon you are my best friend. Sleep tonight true.

There is one person that keeps me strong.
That person is you. I hold a hand
I hold my hand high in honor to your mother.
My words streak down south to her and you
I only wish my words were not so lame
I would write them again and again

But these words are the ones that I wrote
I present them here to you kindly
You, my friend, are such a wonderful being
This words are for you, your soul and your inner being.

How I feel right now, watch the whole thing!

Copyright © 2022 Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

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