Through Fire And Storms Go You And I

Promo still for You and I by GHØSTKID © Century Media Records

Today I was listening to an amazing song full of genuine emotion and guttural screams of raw pain called You and I by German metalcore band GHØSTKID. I listened and thought of the journey my husband and I have bravely ventured since we met. It’s a song very personal to me and well worth listening to. It’s an emotional song with many fantastic components so best enjoyed whilst watching the video with headphones.

We walk through the fire
As it singes our hair 
We part the oceans
The coral hurting our feet
Out in thunderstorms
Braving cracks of lightning
Together we’ll get through this
You and I
We’ve done it for years
We’ll do it for more
We were meant to be
You and I forever
I love you
You love me
Let’s fight to the death

My inspiration today

Copyright © 2022 Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

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