Please Don’t Be Unkind

It’s all in my mind
I’m not overweight
It’s all in my mind
The mirror is a liar
It’s all in my mind
Help is at hand
It’s all in my mind
I’d rather be alive
Maybe I’m here
Maybe I’m there
Where that is
Is the Borderline
It’s all in my mind
Please don’t be unkind

Meet me halfway right at the borderline

Copyright © 2022 Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Be Unkind

  1. Wow Sharon! I only just discovered your new Web blog thing, so beautifully written and curated!
    A psychiatrist once told my husband that I had BPD (but not me, don’t you love that??) but then my ongoing psych counsellor disagrees…but then she also doesn’t think have ADHD although I have been diagnosed😆 So I guess we just have to learn to accept that we present different faces depending on our comfort level or triggers at the time.??
    I love that you are out there taking it all on board and sharing your own journey. Vive la difference! 😁🤪🤯🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s such a good point about how we present different faces dependant on multiple factors hence why I wrote about being like a chameleon 😅 Differing diagnosis makes you wonder, have you thought about pursuing a definitive one? It might help you if you’re having struggles 💚
      TYSM for your lovely feedback about my blog thing, I was encouraged to do this by a psychologist when we were working out helpful tools. I hated CBT as it was so superficial. I’m as deep as the Marina(?) Trench!
      Was so happy to see you pop on here 🌻😃


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