But Ask Questions

Since the age of nine I attended church regularly until around my mid twenties for personal reasons. I was led to believe you have to blindly obey the Supreme without question or doubts. But from the outset my head was hurting with questions I had. Yet I felt it improper to ask. We are human beings who are educated and questioning the incomprehensible is surely expected? I don’t know. It still feels wrong. I’ve witnessed the agitation in Christian’s demeanour as I fire out queries. Yes, I’m still confused after all these years. And I’ve stopped wearing my cross as it’s a symbol of extreme suffering and death. Why would my fragile psychology want to be reminded of that?

Do you dare question?

This is a beautiful day to be alive
This is a beautiful day to die
If God is real
Then stop my heart
I’m a DNR
Full organ donor
Shocked in heaven
Shocking in Hell
Where will I wake?
I done things wrong
I’ve done things right
God is love
God is vengeful
God is envious
I’m human but ask questions
Is knowing such a sin?
This is a beautiful day to be alive
This is a beautiful day to die

God is love, God is war
TV-preacher tell me more
Lord redeem me, am I pure?

Copyright © 2022 Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “But Ask Questions

  1. yes Sharon all the bloody time. why was i born. why were my parents so feckin old. why am i such a freak. why am i angry. why did i make the same mistakes so often. why ask why i agree with fergus wider is better. some much love then eh?

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    1. You are NOT a freak, certainly not. We have our afflictions and they’ve given us the gift of retrospect and insight. Even if it’s horrendous. Many questions remain unanswered but it’s healthy to ask.


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