Music Is My Drug And I Use It To Get High

I sent a track I love and use for therapy called Music Is My Drug by the Electric Squirrels to my friend author and poet Richard Charles Stevens. He promised to use it on one of his fusions and produced the following:

I loved it so much and promptly downloaded it. Below is an excerpt that’s a beautiful piece of encouragement and light to get any lover of music through the day.

Music is my drug
And I use it to get high on life
A higher life
Than I have lived
For give or take
An entire lifetime
Feels the primetime
To get high
And music shines the light
I need
To see the woods
Through all the trees
And see true each sweet melody
Then tunnel through to remedy
For comfort and longevity

Music is my drug

Copyright © 2022 Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2022 Richard Charles Stevens ™ All Rights Reserved

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