Eating Trouble

Fair Useage

Whilst receiving Cognitive Analytical Therapy, my psychologist identified a character trait I indulge in when stressed. He described it as “ingesting my problems“.

This accounts for binge/purge cycles I’ve done since I was a teenager. Even the medication overdoses were regarded as more of a desperate attempt to kill the many thorns within my flesh than my actual self. I agreed with his findings upon reflection. However I unfortunately relapsed in January earlier this year and the outcome of my extreme binge was almost fatal.

As usual with me, I thought up and jotted down a quick typically no-literary-rules poem about eating my troubles. I know many people will relate to this private behavioural cycle. I’m all about sharing difficulties to show others they’re not alone. Not judged and not taboo. Never allow society to make you feel like that.

Better hide the biscuits
Padlock the cupboards
But I’ll eat teabags
Teabags for eyebags
Open the back door
Eat petals off the lilies
Pretty pink yet truly stink
Bad breath and pollen stains
There are the bolt cutters
The padlocks are cut
Oatcakes and Doritoes
Guzzled down like Garfield
A minute of relief…
And then promptly thrown up

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