Between birth and death

Between Heaven and Hell

Between love and hate

I’m borderline


Between the ocean and the shore

Between dusk and dawn

Between the colours of a rainbow

I’m borderline


Between romance and horror

Between skull and crossbones

Between dreams and nightmares

I’m borderline

Between psychosis and neurosis

Ticking a ruthless checklist:

Instability in relationships, self image, and emotions

Fear of abandonment

Impulsivity that is self-damaging

Recurrent suicidal ideations

Chronic feelings of emptiness

Inappropriate, intense anger

Moments of stress caused by changes in reality

I’m borderline

Equally cursed and blessed

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9 thoughts on “Borderline

    1. Thank you so much dearest friend and happiness inspiration, the ideas you’ve given me to be a happier me is the most precious gift I could hope for. You and the rest of my zoo ❤ I’m enjoying exploration with self expression 🙃


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