Kill That Pain!

© Electric Callboy

I’ve been addicted to watching Electric Callboy videos on YouTube. A German metalcore band who don’t take themselves too seriously and produce really memorable fun music videos with an incredible fusion of described as electronicore, metalcore, comedy rock, post-hardcore, melodic metalcore, crunk, dubstep, electro, and EDM. Phew!

One track in particular has become my new daily mindfulness exercise, Pump It (video below). It’s so funny, energetic, catchy and has a “dirty vocal” verse that is helping me cope with chronic pain. It goes:

And if you feel like your body’s given up
You gotta kill the pain and just pump it harder!
And if you feel like the pain is getting real
Then make it your life goal to fucking kill that bitch
To fucking kill that bitch

Wake up, beast mode
Every single day, I’m gonna push it fucking hard
And it goes
Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow I just wanna pump it!

Songwriters: Daniel Haniß / Kevin Ratajczak / Nico Sallach / Pascal Schillo

Pump It lyrics © BMG Rights Management

When you’re feeling almost defeated by your health, use absolutely any means possible to help you through the tough times.

Even crazy music.

Copyright © 2022 Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Kill That Pain!

      1. ever heard of Val Mcdermid? i was recently turned onto him. a buch called 1979 very good so far. and refrians of the beatle cut cry baby cry. to whit quote the duchess of kirkalde, always smiling and arriving late for tea. john lennon my god with small g as in idol whopee lassie!

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