I’ll Be Your Computer

As my husband and I enjoyed our essential morning coffee, we were listening to a CD called Fabriclive 08: Plump DJs. Track number 16 really made me laugh and compose the spoof poem below.

Inspired by the track Electric Appliances by Mr Velcro Fastner (Plump DJs Vocal Remix/Air).

I’ll be your computer
You can be my user

Power switch on
Hit my start key
Patience, I need to load
I’ll show you what I’ve got

Enter four digits
Get my password correct
My home screen is waiting
Use your finger on my pad

Double click
Clickety click

I’m opening up my software
It’s all too much, I’ve frozen
Reboot me again… slowly

I’ll be your computer
If you be a first rate user

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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