Lost For A While

Alone that day
Head became dark
Unable to pray
Ended up at the park
No benches
Gnarly trees
Where now
And so I roamed
Walked in the cold
My house well out of sight
And dragging my life behind me
At last a beacon of light
An old church with unkempt garden
I looked around
Ensured no sounds
I curled up and tried
But not once have I died

Thank you to the Metropolitan Police and King’s College Hospital for bringing me back on January 28th 2022

Copyright © 2022 Sharon Lawson™ All Rights Reserved

9 thoughts on “Lost For A While

      1. well the stones were tight. but the brian jones thing was ugly, but the lost their mojo after tattoo you and have hung around for far too long . i would equate them as the uk s version of ahem the beached buoyz

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        1. You’re so right there mate. I love Brian Jones, he was amazing with his musical skills and shame he was such a sensitive and fragile guy. It was ugly and his death so tragic. The Beach Boys! California Girls is fantastic 😃


          1. yes but mr wilson is nuts thanks to his father. i think jonesy was killed. mick and keith could not handle the proverbial third wheel. the stones lost some of what made them unique.

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          2. remember he was a friggin genius. the best stones cut with him is painted black. paying homage to our dark side. you remind me of caroline quite a bit. rock on! rave out! yois!

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