Be That Person Who Dares To Wear

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Fashion rules, social rules, music taste and fish paste sandwiches. Never too old for videogames and climbing frames or watching film scenes frame by frame. Delighted by animals and exciting trips by National Rail.

I went out wearing a so-called fashion sin: double denim. Contrasting hues of blue with a colour pop of Adidas Gazelle Vintage trainers. Who even condemned double denim to the death penalty anyway? Some fashion guru who thinks they know better no doubts. No doubt they don’t know better.

Brad Pit rocked his denim Wrangler outfit in Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Wrangler’s Sean Gormley stated: “For me he is evoking the best of cowboy style. Cowboys were the original American heroes and we’re still inspired by their free spirit and rugged sense of adventure, which double denim references.”

Are you a free spirit with a sense of adventure?

Own your own style regardless of committing make-believe sins. Suit and Converse, ballgown and Air Jordans, Timberland boots and a prairie dress… The list is infinite.

Be that person who causes others to recall as that person who dares to wear without care.

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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