Butterfly In Chains

My Juicy Couture earrings. Chicken neck! Such a bad angle 😂

Yesterday I dug-out my Juicy Couture chained butterfly earrings and necklace set (above) and as I did my final mirror checks I was struck with a barrage of inspiration as I saw those dangling chains.

How to articulate it, I don’t know.

For years I suppose I’ve felt like a caterpillar happily munching on leaves just quietly getting on with it. Nothing to show. Nothing to hide. Just me cracking on over the years and learning to cope. I wonder if I was a squishy green caterpillar or a fuzzy Tiger Moth? More like the hookah smoking one in a world of his own in Alice In Wonderland. Singing Nirvana songs instead of vowels. What a sight that would be.

Notice I used the past tense. I was a caterpillar. In my thirties after much help from the NHS I finally developed a chrysalis and began to change my life. I burst out of that sheltered, protected state and emerged as the same free-spirited woman-child but with a new maturity. And wings.

Wonderful wings yet with delicate chains representing the invisible disabilities and mental health problems that weigh me down. Judgement, misunderstandings and the constant onslaught of headfucks my symptoms and other people cause.

One day I’ll soar without chains, uninhibited and strong but that day will be when my soul breaks free.

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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