Just Deep Breathe And Sing

I have been out for a stroll to clear my unclear head from psychological clutter and inaccurate thinking. Instead of wasting my emotional state on life’s moments I grabbed my walking stick and whacked on my headphones with the music up loud enough to cause tinnitus.

I’ve loved The Rolling Stones since I heard dad’s vinyl copy of Their Satanic Majesties Request when I was around 10. I later owned, amongst many others, a Decca first-pressing of the same album with the moving image on the front. I collected vinyl in my teens and early twenties.

The quirky track below from Between The Buttons in 1966 came on. A young Keith Richards reminiscing about their drugs arrest in a singalong song. I started singing it and as I did, reflected on past incidents.

What a great way mindfulness exercise! To cope with a situation, just sing it out of your system with any track you feel appropriate. I’m usually a Nirvana or Eminem person but if I’m furious, it has to be F.U.U by Dream Wife.

What’s your coping song?

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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