Brittany Murphy: Her Death Still Haunts

Brittany Murphy was born in Atlanta on 10th November 1977. She would be my age now as of writing this. She tragically passed away on 20th December 2009 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles USA from anaemia and pneumonia. The situation surrounding the chain of events leading up to her death will forever be the subject of understandable speculation. Just go and look at all the documentaries and YouTube videos exploring her case. The exposé by Dr Todd Grande below floored me. After listening to him present his case, I exploded into tears. Just see for yourself:

Was she really the subject of abuse by a narcissistic criminal? A gifted soul ruined by Hollywood and then slowly drained by lies, multiple prescription drugs and control? It made me reel. Listening to the 911 call disturbed me. The futile attempt to revive her by strangely putting her in the shower and a pathetic attempt at CPR under instruction from the aggitated dispatch operator… Why wasn’t a serious effort made to save her life? Then the no autopsy request because “she had curves in all the right places and skin as soft as silk”. Coming from a person who urged her to have plastic surgery and lose weight to the point of being borderline underweight.

People pass away all the time and it is mostly an accepted part of life from natural causes, disease and accidents. However murder and manslaughter open up the realm of the unaccepted. People naturally find it very difficult even impossible to accept the sudden and unnatural death of their loved ones. Justice is fought for and a terrible void has been left in their lives. I’m a medically retired mortician and the coroner’s cases were tougher to digest than routine circumstances. Laying people’s loved ones out to view made me even more aware of ensuring the deceased looked as peaceful as possible. Whether I know people or not, death from completely despicable circumstances cause my borderline rage to explode. I get weepy as though the person was a relative or friend. Hence Murphy’s death still a major trigger to my psychology.

Brittany Murphy was a much loved actress of mine and I have seen most of her work including countless TV appearances and interviews. Likened to Edward Norton for her effortless talent at portraying different characters with ease from her famous role as Daisy in Girl, Interrupted to more lightweight parts in Uptown Girls and Clueless. The list goes on. Always seeming a giggly upbeat person (I’m a bit of a “woman child” too I have to admit) whom you felt immediately warmed to and longed to meet. I’d love a photo of myself sandwiched between Murphy and Angelina Jolie. I think I’d burst!!

Her powerful vocals were used on Paul Oakenfold’s Faster Kill Pussycat track and covering a Queen hit as Gloria in the film Happy Feet (below). If only she’d performed a commercial collaboration with Eminem during the release of 8 Mile in 2002.

Rest in peace and know that you were seen for the beautiful soul you were.

And definitely would have made the perfect Harley Quinn!

A well-presented dedication
An underrated singer

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