Enjoy Getting Lost

Me viewing the Eildon Hills in the Scottish Borders

I love travel and have done since I was a child when school holidays were spent camping in the west of Scotland, particularly the Isle of Arran, and journeys to visit family both in Scotland and England. Innocent days of carefree fun when militant health and safety wasnt such a spoilsport . We climbed trees, swam in rivers, hiked without loads of equipment and actually enjoyed getting lost.

Getting lost was all part of unforgettable adventure. No maps, strict itenaries or modern signal-reliant apps. We followed our noses, ventured in distances measured as the crow flew and was always delighted with new places found. Weirdly named villages, huge forests and sudden vast expanses of scenery were our treasures at the end of the hunt.

I’ve just come back from another memorable visit to dad’s up in Hawick. Each morning we had a full Scottish breakfast, my essential two coffees and medication and then into the car to see where our imagination would take us. No sat navigation or Ordinance Survey Maps allowed.

The surrounding area is full of history, especially from battles, and a multitude of sites of interests. Brown Historic Scotland signage pop up along the roads indicating where to stop by and explore. I enjoyed the hoards of farmsteads with their charming farmhouses and stone outbuildings though most modern farms have corrugated metal buildings for livestock, produce and machinery storage. It all brought back memories of Cousland Farm where we lived in West Lothian. I loved the smell of cow feed and bales of straw.

Vast expanses of forestry, farmland, hills and rivers cried out for my booted feet to trample through but unfortunately disability and time were not on my side. I felt happy enough exploring by car with dad. It was a very acceptable compromise that didn’t frustrate me in the slightest. We got out wherever possible and managed a short walk around. That in it’s own felt amazing!!

And yes, we sometimes got wonderfully lost.

Let’s go get lost

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