Try Not To Dwell On Past Sorrows

There has been a lot of incidents in life that have caused pain. Regardless of how it started, there is no point in pointing the finger at anyone in particular. Things just happen as a result of a chain reaction of events. Events that got erratic, out of control and emotions ran as high as the Dormouse from Alice In Wonderland.

You can feel terrible guilt for saying things have distorted, even blank, memories about which really eats into your feelings causing regret and confusion. If you said X or Y then why wasn’t it addressed by Z? Why have relationships been allowed to be destroyed over misplaced words? Life is precious and so are people but we change. For better or worse, in sickness and in health.

People in your past can still be loved and cared about even if you had a huge disagreement with them. You’re human after all. Hating people is a waste of emotion and hatred itself is a very destructive force. Terrorism, war, animal cruelty warrants the use of hate, not a fall out with someone. Of course, there are exceptions.

Writing this, I’m upset thinking about someone from the past because I still care about them. That won’t change, a lot is invested in a relationship. There are several people I still think about who remain deep within my heart and I would love them to know:

You still matter to me.

Unfortunately people slip away

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