No Choice On 9/11

I’m re-releasing this poem I wrote inspired by the horrors of September 11th 2001. I’ve seen practically all footage, raw and uncensored and have read multiple harrowing books. I still feel terrible pain and anger each time I am reminded.

I didn’t know anyone nor am I American.

But I was and still am profoundly affected.

I awaken on eighty nine
No pain no need to whine
A dark square hole before me
No door no need for a key
I crawl forwards and look
No floor or ceiling unless mistook
Snowflakes gently drift down
Yet no coldness or beauty I frown
Arteries of stainless steel
Veins of sparkling cables
Hellfire burns below
Yet snowflakes like fairies above
Confused I stand without pose
Now aware of my broken nose
Slide flayed alive downwards
Or mission impossible upwards
Either way there’s no way
God help me I pray

Those snowflakes…

It’s ash

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

6 thoughts on “No Choice On 9/11

    1. Is it sunrise or sunset? That’s the thought but sadly it’s the tragedy. A very poignant image 🙏🏻 Thank you Lion, I love how you get my meaning within my work. I wrote this in a spurt of inspiration whilst sat on a deckchair in the blessed sunshine: worlds away from the subject matter… or is it? It’s in our thoughts, memories and we carry these things everywhere we go. I like that though, means we can create no matter where we are sat 🌳

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    1. The snowflakes are ashes, a sight of confusion to her yet beautiful. Thank you Lion, I felt compelled to write this after everything I’ve read and seen. A short poem about her short moment of clarity. This makes you realise tragic incidents can affect people on a global scale.

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