I Don’t Want You

After an uncontrollable episode yesterday I immediately wrote this to channel my thoughts out of my mind before going to bed. It helped!

I don’t want
In my mind
Down my throat
Scarring my arms
Vomiting up bile

I have others
Enlighten my mind
Nourish my soul
Hold my arms gently
And prevent a fall

No-one realises
Damage they do to
My messed up mind
My psychosis
My difficulties

So back off

This is a great song to listen to when you are sick of some people.

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

20 thoughts on “I Don’t Want You

  1. Ain’t it funny how men make themselves look a fool flailing around hoping to hurt us woman. I feel the same way about Chad. He was a nasty and disgusting 🤮 creature.

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        1. WTF oh my God that’s disgusting, I’m so sorry to hear that and hope you’re healing and being a positive to counteract their pathetic negative. I have been assaulted several times during my life since I was 16 and now, 30 (I’m old lol) years on, more has happened from various sources. I feel we all get assaulted in one form or another 😶

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          1. He’s a sock and twisted individual. Yes 🙌 im definitely healing.

            But that’s because I carry the emotional intelligence needed to do so
            He’s spent his entire life RUNNING from his problems. Blaming others, playing victim/ not understanding how to heal his own emotional trauma.

            What’s that saying,

            Hurt people … hurt people

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          2. I was more than once told I was a drug addict and a liar by people who didn’t know me at all, ganged up using social media. My family and friends in my real life who know me were disgusted and we got the police involved as it messed me up mentally. I was told I was a victim of narcissistic abuse, coercion and blackmail in the form of using cybercrime as their weapon. I and the police contacted each platform but the f***ed up thing was the platforms hypocrisy. They don’t tolerate blah blah blah and yet when multiple reports are made, nothing seemed to happen. Least I can keep safe by blocking and simply ignoring any subsequent suspicious comments. A situation escalated to upsetting proportions and loss of someone I still love 😳


          3. Sorry to hear it.

            No we’re not in the same situation. God knows my heart, and bottom his heart. But nobody did that night. Anything he lost he destroyed hi on the other hand don’t go after that he will be talked to. Why? It’s for me. That’s where he and I are different. He wants to protect the house. He wants to church. He is the problem. And until he wakes up and smell the coffee is literally the villain in his long story. His own village is on problems. His own demons. With that said, nobody got time for that bullshit

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