Keep On Clucking, You’ll Get Through It!

Some days are cloudier than others but the determination of the sun slowly burns them away.

That is a thought which flashed through my fuzzy head the other day as I headed off for a musculoskeletal appointment, a longstanding occurrence since 1996. I walk like Sadako from the Japanese Ringu films and have a withered left leg. But hey, I can walk and get out of the house. I use a fantastic Leki stick to aid balance woes, rhythmically called Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness. Yo.

I had another echocardiogram and really enjoyed the appointment!! We chatted away about the wonders of end of life services as I lay looking at the interesting images and hearing the vile sound of blood turbulence.

Blood Turbulence!!! I’d call my band that.

The next day my heart failure nurse Pippa rang to give me an appointment in a couple of days. My mildly reduced systolic function and 45% ejection fraction is now a case of moderately reduced and 37%. Doubled meds and a cardiologist appointment soon.

Stress caused me to buy a Magnum and sit listening to Brittany Murphy singing on a remix of Paul Oakenfold’s Faster Kill Pussycat! dance hit. Her soothing tones and an addictive hit of cocoa solids did the trick before I phoned my husband and mum. God sake, what next!?

But my head’s sudden grey sky evaporated leaving little fluffy clouds and so, I manage to simply keep on clucking. A phrase of encouragement used since

My wattles were thankfully in a shortlived flap
Rudy Modine is a wonderful artist

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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