Just Another Moment

Me with husband Bernie and Richard (centre)

What crazy yet wonderful days!

We enjoyed a lovely time in the garden filling up bird feeders, planting our bright new plants in their pots and having a coffee in the sun.

The next day our friend author Richard Charles Stevens stayed over and we enjoyed exploring the famous Nunhead Cemetery, watching movies and having a good catch up.

My heart failure nurse rang unexpectedly and it was sudden chaos as my cardiologist wanted an urgent echocardiogram done due to my ongoing symptoms. I had to cancel neurology on the same day and now have to wait ages for a new appointment. ARGH!!

I entered a bewildering who, what, where, why, when mode. My calm inner sea became a torrential river and I was in a mental kayak trying to keep afloat. But soon I reached the shoreline albeit a little bedraggled.

Rationalise. I put things into perspective and called the neurology secretary  explaining the situation. My husband hugged me and we had yet another coffee. Decaff this time as I was hyped up enough.

But the killer blow! The cardiology department had no appointment booked in for me! What the…!? “Come back next week…”. Well fuck you very much.

The storm passed and the sun reappeared. It always does yet in those moments you feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Those moments. And many happen.

We watched Goodbye Charlie Bright, a wonderfully unique film set in 2000s South London. Great summertime soundtrack.

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

7 thoughts on “Just Another Moment

  1. What a glorious memory that was Mouse. And my visit last week was utterly precious. Thank you both for making me so welcome. Home. I love this line…

    The storm passed and the sun reappeared.

    It always does. And I am beyond blessed for having friends like you and Bernielion to offer me an umbrella through life’s storms, and to marvel at the sun when it comes.

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    1. Oh man alive it was terrible!! I’m okay now, almost, but as you can see I was furious at the whole mess spoiling the precious lovely days prior. I’m now off the rollercoaster at least and on a ghost train 😂


    1. Isn’t it terrible Ash? What a mess of an arrangement, I don’t think the cardio team knows how each department operates! I emailed neuro admin fao my consultant then I’ll keep on until an earlier appointment or last minute cancellation crops up. Self medicating epilepsy meds isn’t ideal. Hope you’re well 💚

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