Be Yourself, They Say

The poem below, although negative in tone, is an example of how my mind works. Feeling unsure about how I feel, what I am and even who I am. But thankfully I’ve been utilising my therapy tools to work it out!

Borderline personality
Yet borderline nobody
Borderline strong
Yet borderline about to crack
Borderline smiling
Yet borderline crying
What is this state
That causes self-hate?

Eyes twinkling with joy
Or wet with had enoughs
Lips curved in smile
Or defeatist had-it grimace
Body lay relaxed
Or simply playing dead
What is this state
That causes real emotion?

Be yourself they say

But I don’t know who I am

Real Emotion

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

2 thoughts on “Be Yourself, They Say

  1. This one reflects story of many . Sometimes, it’s just quite difficult to understand what we are and what really makes us? Maybe it’s difficult to find the answer but moving and growing is one way .. beautifully penned. Absolutely, loved this

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