But Really

Photo credit: Jenny Hayut

A friend sent me the above photo knowing I love nature and all that is uplifting. The seemingly brave little ladybird inspired me immediately.


Despite my bravado
My no filters systems go
Keen for darkness and the oh my!
With Google searches
You wouldn’t believe

But really

I miss hugs
From warm arms
I miss shared cake
Then stone-cold coffee
Sharing “don’t tells”
Listening with intrigue
Walks in the park
Feeding pigeons on my arm

Yet really

A bold lost ladybird
Screaming to fly away
Escape from the fires
Of fields scorched black
Peach roses beckon me
Petals embrace…
I’m safe

“Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home
Your house is on fire
And your children will burn
Except little Nan, who sits in a pan
Weaving gold laces as fast as she can!”
~ Medieval English rhyme

Β© Copyright: Sharon Lawsonβ„’

13 thoughts on “But Really

  1. you humble me by your inspiration in that photograph. I too adore ladybugs and your words here lend beautifully to the two very distinctive colors of the ladybug when comparing to the different aspects of ones personality. A little voice in a little body that is one of those unique beauties in nature that shall always stop us nature lovers in our tracks! Thank you again and I’m so happy it found a home within your words ❀️

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