Rearrange Your Thoughts And Focus On What’s Real

We’ve grown a triffid! These tower lilies are brilliantly monstrous each year

It’s that beautiful time of the year again. Summer is here and the plants in the garden are painting lavish artwork for us with their individual formations. White bottomed bees buzzing thankfully on our lupins and the epic tower lilies above! We bought a bag of gnarly looking bulbs for £2.50 and we’ve actually got two pots of hot pink monsters. Stunning monsters guarding the shed.

I love sitting outside listening to the happy chirpy sparrows, the soothing whispers from the hawthorne trees and hedge as the breeze rattles it’s abundant leaves.The lumbering wood pigeons cooing gently, reminding me of the magic forest beside our old house. I’ll dig out the photo of me sat on the tree where dad built me a den.

Pondering life is something I do daily. It’s like a librarian arranging books into their appropriate shelves, events are slotted into the best parts of my mind as I see fit. An exercise everybody should to make sense of everything and find calm. As heavy as some of my efforts on here are, I’m actually like a hyper twenty-five year old in the flesh. As those who know me know.

Drama, hurt, pain, physical problems, missed opportunities etc etc all are rationalised then put into personal perspective. Sitting in my home or garden, wherever, I feel what’s real. The breeze, the plants, the sounds of nature and family and friends. Endless CBT and CAT taught me so much and was a much appreciated form of help to assist me with dealing with myself. Life certainly can be a challenge for me as I still feel judged and stigmatized… So my erratic mind claims.

I’ve managed to rearrange some books in my crazy library and will continue to do so whenever I feel overwhelmed.

Try it out!

A classic about overcoming problems and trying to live your best life

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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