Heart Beating In Grateful Rhythm

My heart beats a new rhythm each day
For each day is different, more delightful
I’m grateful
Beating standard four to the floor
Come on, upbeat breakbeat
Then quiet rallentando at sunset

I skip across stars as I sweet dream
Jumping over the moon
In unaware competition with
Hey Diddle Diddle cow

As the new day dawns and eyes open
Conduction system accelerando!
Valves flap and chambers pump
Like excited spaniels
With all-over-the-place ears

My heart is glad to be alive once more
No four to the floor
Not even erratic breakbeat
Life is a gift and exciting
So pump it up, my musical chambers, in rubato!

Rallentando: decreasing speed
Accelerando: increasing speed
Rubato: expressive rhythmic freedom

Ultimate feel-good song

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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