Wellbeing Time In Scotland

Happy in my hand knitted sheep hat

I recently visited Scotland, the country I was born and raised in, to see family. An annual must-do whether my health allows it or not as it’s essential time out from hectic London life.

Gritting my teeth pushing through the physical pain barriers are always worth it just to seize the day and enjoy the simple things such as adventurous river walks and scenic drives around the stunning countryside. We passed delightful farm animals and wildlife (though mostly roadkill!) and took in the endless horizon of rolling hills promising exciting hiking to hillwalkers. How I miss those days. I love exploring curious shops and the nooks and crannies of each town and village we stop by. A coffee in some ideally haunted old coaching inn is a must!

Forests have always been my sanctuary. My calming safe place since I was a child and was blessed with woodland at our door when we lived in the farm cottage in West Lothian. The smell of damp peat and pine trees is nature’s sweet aroma. The weather during my trip was typical: every season in one day so a drive through a woodland road was a fun substitute. Imagine rain, snow, warm sun, hailstones then lethal Scotch mist in one day.

On good days I managed to get out of the car and have a walk. My walking stick still bears the filth as a souvenir from each adventurous day. The trip drastically improved my mental wellbeing to enjoy life despite problems with my X,Y and Z. I’m always wrecked and in bed by 9pm watching a movie due to horrendous pain but you know what, screw you brain and pain, you won’t defeat my happiness.

Seize the day, you never know what life has in store for you.

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

2 thoughts on “Wellbeing Time In Scotland

  1. I certainly identify with your assertion that forests being sanctuary. It seems to be the only place I let go of all of my problems. I can be solitary. I can be open to observing beauty, being amidst beauty, and allowing my other senses (other than vision) to calm down and stop seeking out threats (unless in bear or cougar country)…

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    1. I love how you said that you allow your other senses to benefit from that environment. The smells, sights and curious sounds plus how tactile things like moss, toadstools, bark etc etc is to delight your physical side. Thanks for your reply 🌹


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