Are These Really Blogging No-no’s?

I was in full-on BPD panic mode earlier as I was trying to absorb the do’s and don’ts of blogging. I am doing so much so wrong. The title and header image looked more like a pigeon fancier group than the mental health sharing concept I have in mind. Even tags were all wrong. Apparently. And you should proof read? Nope. Never. Not for my in-the-moment style.

I stumbled across these three webpages. Whether they were right, wrong or purely opinion based didn’t register with me, I felt a surge of DESPAIR and have begun editing my particulars.

Regarding the use of tags. I deleted three quarters of them as they were used only once or twice and kept the main ones for site relevance.

Source: WordPress Tags (And Why You Should Not Use Them)

Next up was blogger do’s and don’ts. Mind blown. I’ll need to read this one slowly as surely every blogger has their own style and agenda? And so what if they use naughty words? We’re all adults here.

Source: Join WordPress Blogger Do’s and Don’ts

Finally the big one that had me slamming on the kettle and grabbing a mouthful of valerian, my self identity crisis triggered and self belief briefly burned to ash. This is obviously a professional site I found and was really overwhelmed. Should you focus on one subject only? Mental Health the umbrella term for everything that’s connected. But what about format? Poetry, prose, musings, happy moments? How can a multi-subject blog be condensed into one?

Source: Self Love Circle How To Start A Mental Health Blog

What do you think? How did you begin? Please share your story and thoughts in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “Are These Really Blogging No-no’s?

  1. I think bogging can be serve whatever purpose you want it to – from casual musings to well documented detailed themes/topics. It’s going to be different for everyone – and sometimes it feels like there’s a bit of ‘blogging snobbery’ and obsession with stats sometimes. Just adopt the tips and advice that sit well with you, and enjoy!✨

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    1. Thank you Cheryl that’s made me smile and feel bit better about things πŸ˜ƒ The world of huge online presence is scary but you’ve eased my head. I panic a lot and feel out of my depth but lately I’ve seen a few others who are casual like mine so it helps. I have to differentiate between businesses and everyday people!
      Take care πŸ’œ

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  2. I read through the bulk of those three articles you posted. The only thing i take exception to is: DON’T use profanity. The articles are suggest speaking from WHO you are. That one point isn’t going to throw me into a tailspin.

    Some of us speak with profanity, some of us write with profanity, and we all definitely think with a multitude of profanities. I’ve come to accept me for who I am. I use profanity, it doesn’t make me different, but it helps me reason through stupid decisions i see some people imposing upon others.

    What makes me question this is a recent experience I had with someone who assumed my use of profanity right out of the gate was to indicate the level of ire I was experiencing at the time. I informed that person, my use of profanity as an indication of being incapable of communicating is YOUR baggage. I speak like this, I write like this, it isn’t your leverage to throw at me like a barb.

    The ultimate point is: our blogs — any of our writings OUGHT to resemble who we are, how we communicate, and answer that age old question: Can those that know me, HEAR MY VOICE when they read what I’ve wrote…

    Thanks for sharing, it certainly did help clarify some things I need to work on as well….

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I have the mouth of a sailor πŸ˜…

      Your last paragraph says it all and damn right, our writings are our voices and how dare people assume they know better and intimidate (I’m easily stressed!) others into thinking they’re “wrong”.

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  3. Absolutely right my friend – indeed we are! πŸ‘

    Oh – and the proof read thing. Apologies. My mistake πŸ™ˆ

    Think I thought it should have been – ‘And should you proof read?’ and you had deliberately switched the ‘should’ and ‘you’ around for fun 😁

    But actually, reading it again, I see your sentence structure is correct.

    Damn. Thought I was a master easter egg hunter there! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ–€

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  4. I agree with your previous commenter – just you do you.

    For me it’s the freedom to whatever and however you want that is the joy of posting here. Plus, in the main, I feel readers appreciate authenticity above convention – and your blog certainly is authentic my friend! 😁

    Also – did I find the hidden easter egg? The sentence – ‘And you should proof read?’ Brilliant if done by purpose – genius if not!

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    1. That’s really helpful LC and you’ve said exactly what I was thinking about: should I be conventional to be better? Nope. After all, “We are the weirdos mister!”

      The proof read thing, I still don’t get it πŸ˜‚

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  5. I would disagree with the tag post because the WP Reader gives you the option to browse by tags, and I know people use that to help them find blogs they’ll be interested in. Sure, they’re not that relevant for non-WP Reader users, but there are a lot of people who do use the Reader.

    The second posts is too generic to be of much use. I use profanity, and I really don’t care if this person thinks I shouldn’t.

    The third one is launching a self-love coaching program, so that’s where she’s coming from. I think there’s plenty of demand for la-la-wellness kind of blogs, but that’s a whole different an of tuna from real-life, mental illness is messy blogs. I prefer the latter, but that’s just me.

    My advice, unless your blogging focus is generating an income, is just you do you.

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    1. Thank you dear Ashley, I definitely agree with people in general just being themselves or else it’s too sterile and loses personality. I was unsure about the wellness blog advice so thanks for helping me.
      I’m happier with the homepage now as it’s always been a bit too drab or messy.
      I’ve kept the profanity πŸ™ƒ

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