Try A Symptom Journal

Best journal ever!

I’ve been really perplexed about my myriad of physical and mental symptoms lately and my neurologist Dr. Biba Stanton suggested I keep note of what’s what. Okay, challenge accepted, but I need to seek out a funky journal!

I found the above on Amazon after quite a long time searching using the keywords “obscene journal”. Glitter pen already owned. Everyone needs a glitter pen in their life.

It’s brilliant. Has a set pattern of date, weather, sleep quality, stress, pain, ratings, diet etc and a blank page for thoughts and activities. Each night, if I remember and don’t prioritise my Nintendo 3DS XL, I dutifully fill out each page and see if there’s any glaring patterns. Remarkably there are so I underline in red pen like a primary school teacher.

Since the happy onset of spring, drastic mental healing and an improvement in understanding myself, I’ve identified triggers and intriguing symptom patterns. I’ve managed to differentiate between functional symptoms, mechanical symptoms from brain haemorrhage and borderline personality chaos. And a sprinkling of chronic pain. Urgh. It’s helped me know how to deal with each trigger and lessen, to an extent, physical results.

And all thanks to an “obscene journal” and must-have funky-ass glitter jumbo pen.

Hurry, hurry, hurry, before I go insane
I can’t control my fingers, I can’t control my brain

Β© Copyright: Sharon Lawsonβ„’

9 thoughts on “Try A Symptom Journal

    1. Ooh my goodness Jen that’s awful, neuropathic pain is positively evil. I have it in my right leg from groin to foot due to a buggered up femoral angiogram in 1996. The pain devastated me until an amazing intervention around mid 2000s. A spinal cord stimulator was implanted in my left side with wires fed into my lumbar space. It’s kind of like an internal TENS machine. No drugs ever helped except a full on epidural and ketamine infusion 😢 Does anything help you? I’m so sorry to hear you suffer from that. Would a fat chunky glitter pen be easier to grip than a regular one?


      1. I don’t know. Sometimes just pens in general don’t work. They’re not sure what I have. I get joint pain, nerve pinches & neuropathy that just affects different areas. They’re studying if it’s part of my kidney disease because I guess a lot of patients with PKD are experiencing it even in the early stages. I’ve tested fine for some autoimmune stuff, but I couldn’t handle the nerve damage test & can’t handle the TENS machine either. It comes & goes. I’ve been in pain for 12 years. I get some relief from CBDs so that’s my main pain relief. I have difficulty with most medicines, almost everything has caused some wild & rare reaction that prevents me from taking them. CBD has helped mostly with my seizures. I used to have multiple daily but now maybe twice a year. Not pushing things by doing too much is the most helpful. I am very glad you found something that worked for that pain, because yes, it is awful.

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        1. PKD is awful, I’m so sorry 😞 CBD is something I’d like to try too. So no painkillers help you? Pregabalin is supposed to be good for neuropathy..I can hardly see properly with vertigo so thank heavens for predictor and glasses. What a life eh. I hope expression here on WordPress helps you and be brave soldier πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œπŸŒΉ

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  1. They’re extremely helpful. I just got my husband to make one because he has recently been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis.

    I hope your journal helps & you find relief soon. I love the one you got. I’ll have to get one myself I think. 😊❀

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