Poetry, Poem, Verse.. Or Worse?


I was just reflecting on the “world’s worst poet” who gained no awards or recognition, Scotsman William McGonagall (1825 – 1902). For example his poem The Tay Bridge Disaster was more of a historical account written about inadvertently amusing in poetic structure. Dad read me his works as comedy stories when I was growing up. Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers even did a cult film about him. At least gifted comedy actors recognised McGonagall.

Ha ha, I am influenced by the one of the WORST poets!! Thank you dad. I do write more blatant sentences split up with gaps and a few rhyming words than with the style and depth of true poetry. I loved studying Wilfred Owen’s Dulce Et Decorum Est and William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in Scottish Higher English (English A-level equivalent) but since then haven’t actually studied other works except video game walkthroughs and mortuary techniques.

So dad taught me the other William, the alternative William! Not Shakespeare, yo, get with some classic McGonagall shit. Thanks dad.

I understand there are a few types of poetry but I’m admittedly too lazy to learn about each one. I even ought to read other notable works but dad always encouraged me to NOT read/view others’ things and use your own style/ideas otherwise you aren’t “being you“. That’s fine for dad’s pastel and oil paint art but art using words, maybe a little education helps.

I’ve written a few good entry level basic poems or poetry, verse or prose, I don’t know. But getting it “right” (what if you enjoy the idea of free verse where there are no set rules?) is like trying to lose your virginity in a car at night.

So however you enjoy your writing or other art mediums, keep that way and be proud of being YOU!!

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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