A Functional Good Day

Coffee and reflection time!

I enjoyed getting out today even if it was just to see my lovely neurologist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust! Any excuse to wear eye makeup and those funky platform Puma trainers people hate. Those small details during these days is most welcomed.

As some of you may have read a while back I have a weird chronic condition of the nervous system called functional neurological disorder. My appointment was a check up after I informed him that I’d found my old 2002 diary and in it were written the exact same symptoms I’m experiencing. I was even hospitalized on a few occasions with no official diagnosis except thoughts it was all connected with damage from haemorrhage.

Mr Stern said that it’s highly likely I’ve been enduring this condition since then and the trauma of the subarachnoid brain bleed in 1996 has upset my nervous system’s functioning… hence the conditions’ name. I had a full examination and the usual left sided damage was found (my reflexes are so funny) plus we discussed other things I was curious about.

I’ve been referred to the funniest clinic: The Dizziness Clinic!! We’ll all be sat there holding onto our seats trying to focus on each other. I can’t wait. It’ll be like falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland en mass.

Chronic stress and other factors can exacerbate symptoms so I’ve seriously got to focus more on setting aside times in the day when I can be completely alone unwinding to movies and legally killing things in my video games.

If anyone is enduring chronic physical problems alongside mental health problems then please be careful and aware of the damaging effects of stress. It’s fucked me up beyond comprehension and I often wonder what’s next.

Urgh… Coffee.

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