Funky Ass Mouse


Born in seventy six
Beneath a crucifix
Deep underground
A crass burial ground
She soon popped out her head
Thanking fuck she wasn’t dead
She donned her Period Panties
The Shining ones full of memories
Matched with blood red Fila boots
Hell yes, ready for pursuits!
Funky ass nutjob Mouse
Scurried towards a dingy house
She nudged open the door
Joked Yoo-hoo here’s your whore!
When out from nowhere
Strength enveloped her
A blinding flash of light
Caused her to almost shite
She glanced towards the ceiling
A surge of simply feeling
Feeling nutjob Mouse no more
No more mental war to end war
This was love and understanding
Not more pain and misbranding
Funky ass Mouse is Fila strength so overwhelming!

A funky ass song about favourite things, kinda suits!

Also posted on author Richard Charles Stevens’ website Rivers of Grue

Β© Copyright: Sharon Lawsonβ„’

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